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Gathering timetable

1.30pm                Registration

2.00pm                Welcome Devon Marston

2.10pm                Muddy Civilians hip hop with Linton and Julian

2.20pm                Value of peer support 3 testimonies ward visitors perspective

2.30pm                Peer support service providers

3.15pm                Melba Wilson update on peer support for news from the community

3.25pm                Marsha de Cordova MP for Battersea (Shadow Minister for Disabilities) the importance and role of Peer Support

3.35pm                Presentation briefing before breakout to 3 small groups (refreshments to be taken into groups)

3.50pm                Group work

4.20pm                Feedback

4.35pm                Summary

4.45pm                Sound Minds Community Choir   

5.00pm                Refreshments

6.00pm                Event ends