guitar and bass

Unaccredited 1:1 lessons

Tutors: Searahlaine St James, Jim Hewin

You'll get the most from lessons if you own a guitar and practice regularly. You can use the ones at Sound Minds for lessons.

Unaccredited lessons £13.50 per half hour

ring 020 7207 1786 for details.


Unaccredited lessons

1:1 half hour or one hour

Teacher: Searahlaine St James

Lessons are ongoing - Ring 020 7207 1786 for details

'Hands on' lessons will teach you the basics of music.  At the end of the course you will be able to play a tune with both hands and the correct fingering. No previous experience necessary, but please note, practice is important to success - you'll need access to some sort of keyboard to practice on between lessons.

£13.50 per half hour. 


John offers a fun but methodical approach with the emphasis on learning through music.

If you're a beginner you'll be playing along to a tune in your first lesson - guaranteed!

£13.50 per half hour 

Lesson times to suit you.

John Davies is an experienced drum tutor and pro drummer. A fully qualified teacher, he also finds time to work for top drum academy Drum Tech and play in his own band 'Fabian Jack' and various 'covers' bands.

Contact John via Sound Minds on 020 7207 1786.


While listening to music is an easy pastime, learning to sing on your own is difficult. With Sound Minds you learn what you want at your own pace. Maybe you'd like to know how to read music, breathing techniques, phrasing, control, etc. We have the skills to advance your skills!

£13.50 per half hour (Self funding £12 per half hour)

Lesson times to suit you.