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Channel One

Somethink Monkey

Gigantic Station

The Blessed

Mixed Emotionz

Community Choir

Time Travellers - photography::art

Time Travellers - photography::art

9th-12th May 'Time Travellers' Art and photography poppin'up again 4U in our York Road Gallery

The Lyricists Lounge

The Lyricists Lounge

Next Lounge: Friday April 12th at 7.30 p.m. -  9.30 p.m. ring to perform.

Channel One Album Launch

Channel One Album Launch

Friday April 26th at 6.30 at Sound Minds Free - Book Tickets








9th-12th May 'Time Travellers' Art and photography poppin'up again 4U in our York Road Gallery



music production



You might like to start by taking one of our ever popular courses. These will give you the skills you need to book time and use our facilities independently.

Want some help or advice?

Sound Minds offers training and support in all aspects of music production to help you to charge of your creativity.

Need some musical input?

Our staff are experienced musicians with the ideas to help  your tune come to life. 

Cost £27 per hour for a one-to-one recording session with musical and engineering input.


live room lights WEB

rehearsal space


The main Live Room is a generous 6m x 8m. There is a Pearl Custom kit, a range of good quality valve and transistor amps a Nord keyboard and a custom PA. Ceiling mounted lighting is available for that stage feel or for creating videos.

The live room doubles as a recording studio.

There are currently 10 bands rehearsing at Sound Minds, and Sound Minds is also the base for the Battersea Jazz Workshop



Sound Minds employs around 18 valued volunteers on a regular basis, along with a similar number of sessional employees. Full support and supervision are offered along with local travel expenses.

Potential volunteers will generally have skills and experience in the arts, excellent interpersonal skills and will be available for at least six months or more where stated. DBS checks and references are required for all roles. 

current volunteering opportunities

Visual Arts - studio assistant - we are looking for a practising visual artist to assist in our arts studio on a regular weekday

Trustees - we welcome volunteers to join our trustee's group managing the charity. We particularly welcome people who have used mental health services themselves, and also people with management experience and skills. The committee meets monthly early evening on a Monday, and this is the minimum commitment we require. One year commitment

Live Music Facilitation  - we are looking for a musician with experience in facilitating groups who is available on a weekday to assist with live band sessions. Experience of more than one instrument is essential. One year commitment.

Fundraising People with experience of writing funding applications to trusts and foundations or in corporate fundraising are particularly welcomed. One year commitment.


Sound Minds is a charity transforming the lives of people experiencing mental ill health through music, film and art. We are a thriving community bound together by creativity and a shared belief in mutual learning and peer support. 

Our well equipped studios in Wandsworth studios are available for rehearsal, courses, practice, one to one tuition and arts projects.

Sound Minds is home to a number of bands including Gigantic Station, Bluesology, The legendary reggae group The Channel One Band. 

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We are also the base of BaME service user group 'Canerows' who provide a range of peer support services including ward visiting, tuition to forensic services, a user led drop in (Mama Low's Kitchen), post discharge support and consultation.

Our staff team  are skilled and experienced in both mental health and music and the arts.


Our Patron is Melba Wilson OBE


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020 7207 1786      Sound Minds    20-22 York Road    LONDON    SW11 3QA